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Farragut High School Education Foundation, Inc.




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A little history lesson

  25 Years Supporting FHS

The Farragut High School Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization directed by a Board of community leaders and concerned parents, advised by school administrators and faculty members, functioning as a liaison between the community and FHS. The Foundation's purpose is to help raise funds to support cutting-edge programs and resources to ensure FHS students reach their greatest potential.



   To facilitate community support for funding education excellence

   To make possible cutting-edge and innovative programs for all FHS students

   To ensure all Farragut students have the necessary opportunities to achieve their greatest potential

   To integrate technology and academic excellence into all areas of curriculum

   To provide continuous support for the above goals through annual fundraising efforts

Board of Directors


Dr. John Bartlett- Principal                                

Jean Ogle- Co-President

Gene Perkins - Co-President

Melissa McKay-Vice President                              

Mary Cook- Treasurer                                                                  

Lisa Woody- Recording Secretary  

Karey Lowdermilk- Assistant Principal

Holly Barrett

Kelly Darden

Dave Stinton                                                

Sherry Browder                                

Robert MacFarland

Joey Sauls

Eric Whitener

Louise Povlin - Alderman, Town of Farragut


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