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a deadline."

"A goal is a dream with

Short-term Goals


   Establish technology labs in all academic and technical areas

   Equip classrooms with innovative and interactive technology such as "SmartBoards"

   Supply state-of-the-art technology for the library's media information system, guidance programs and academic departments

   Provide technological facilities and services as needed including online instructions, training, and new network capabilities

   Meeting departmental requests for equipment, supplies, furniture, and other needs not met by the other sources

Long-term Goals


   Establish a Digital Video Conference Center for use in long distance learning as well as community resources for business and individuals

   Update the Library's collection of books and reference materials to keep in line with the Wilson's Standards for Libraries

   Investigate the use of curriculum delivery programs and equipment for remediation, makeup and alternative schooling

   Install secure wireless networks for special areas

-Napoleon Hill